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Wacom Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company headquartered in Kazo, Saitama, Japan, that specializes in graphics tablets and related products.

A member of REDDIT named u/MissUNT threw the following question : Why Are New Wacom Products All So Bad? He/She added: The new Intuos eats through nibs like a garbage disposal. The new cintiqs are all missing important features that you have to buy extra like hotkeys. And stands. And cases. For a $2000 product? The express key remote itself has an absolutely horrible scroll wheel. The mobile studio pro is the mobile studio pro (enough said.) Is this new? Have I just never noticed Wacom's product line being littered with issues? Why are they selling Dell quality products at Apple prices?


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Marketing (Current Employee) says

"The leadership is extremely political, concerned more with their micr-advancements within a very small company than actually getting the work done. HR lacks any sort of motivation to deal with a culture of aggressive gender discrimination.Free breakfastPolitical, lack of direction, sad leadership"

Marketing/Sales (Former Employee) says

"Nice offices. No sense of direction and very poor first level and mid to upper level management. If you kiss up you might get promoted. I would not go there if you have talent. It would not be appreciate. Very non employee focused management.Free breakfastManagers could not care less about people below them"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Wacom has been going through a transition Turnover has been high due to many reasons. Your experience will be because of the group you are in not because of the company."

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"- As handle two regional accounts, I have to know how to prioritize the works. Time management improve; - As it requires to communicate with regional colleagues. Communication skill improve; - Lack of communication among co-workers or supervisor; - No team work among co-workers;Work life balanceNot well organized"

Necro says

"So I bought a small wacom intuos which comes with 2 free softwares (one is Clip Studio Pro and the other a Corel Painter Essentials) for my birthday. When I tried to download Clip Studio Pro that they promised to give me, it just gave me the normal Clip Studio that you have to pay for to use. I tried contacting wacom but neither their call centre nor their live chats offered services, so I was basically just scammed. Wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it, their other products are very overpriced as well."

Martin says

"Wacom are the worst. Here is a cautionary tale about not believing the hype. In January 2016 I bought a Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD pen display to attach to my Mac. It cost £1624.00 plus another £249.00 for an Ergo stand. It needed adapters even then to fit onto the Mac and a further set when attaching it to my new Mac as Apple are stupid and only supply USB ports not display ports. My pen display only gets light to moderate use but failed with a dreaded black screen, but luckily it was within the warranty, so after hours of fun and games trying to access the serial number etc and waiting days between correspondences with Wacom Support, who will ask for said serial number etc on each occasion you reply to them, I sent it back and received a refurbished replacement. The replacement lasted until January 2021 and suffered the same problem, black screen but pen still working. After days of slow communication, I managed to get a rough estimate of €835.00 for repair and that doesn’t include shipping each way to Germany from the UK, that’s £745.00 of your lovely Uk pounds plus postage, and now with Brexit....you get the idea! In the five years I owned it I got around three years use what with driver problems, connection problems and failing hardware. It was built like a tank and I thought it was great to start with, but the working parts are shoddy, repairs are ridiculous and support is slow and awkward. I would suggest buying a Huion or XP-Pen pen display, the XP-Pen pro 24 comes in at £720.00 at the moment and has a 2 year guarantee, which is what I have just purchased and connects via USB C, just 1 connection! It seems to work fine for my needs, let’s hope it lasts longer than the Wacom rubbish!"

Brian Buchard says

"Wacom really can not keep up with their support. Had problems on several occasions. I really did not want to give a bad review. Because I thought they would improve over years. So I end up not being able to finish my work. There is never anything wrong with the board itself. But it is easier just to accept that Wacom is not compatible with Mac"

Matt says

"The tablet itself is great, but it's support for MacOS is garbage... and so is Wacom's support. There has been 2 occasions now where the driver has corrupted and the tablet stops working properly... I spent half a day trying to fix it the first time round, only for it to randomly start working again once Apple released an update for Catalina. Now I'm getting another driver error, I've tried Wacom's help pages to no avail... and their driver hasn't had an update in months. I'm sick of wasting time trying to fix things because Wacom can't keep up with their driver support"

Zuzatka says

"Today, I turned on my Cintiq Pro 16 for the first time in 8 months. I already had an issue with it where you could see speckles of dead pixels in the middle of the screen. Now, the entire screen is covered in them. The tablet was in the original box in my cupboard, untouched and nothing was on top of it. I don't understand how it could have become this damaged on its own. I've already sent up my tablet to repair twice for the EXACT SAME issue. After a month, the dead pixels reappear. I just didn't expect the entire screen break itself. Good job. You charge thousands for your products, and the quality is embarrassingly poor. You should not charge for repairs for reoccurring issues with your own hardware."

Niru says

"My brand new cintiq 24 pro lost any usb data driver suddenly this means that I can not use pen nor remote controller and it is just useless monitor now , after trying everything changing usb cable changing to usb c port plugging to second port changing computers different ports reinstalling driver from windows 7 to windows 10 nothing helped I bought tablet in USA Wacom store and moved to Europe and because of that Wacom would not pay for shipping costs to fix tablet or replace it in Europe this is so stupid is not Wacom store same in every country ? monitor with its flex hand costed me 2500 usd plus shipping and only worked for 3 months Wacom is worst money grabbing, dishonest company with their false advertisements making most expensive defected products and selling them and if you are unlucky and live outside Europe or anywhere where there is no Wacom store nearby you have to pay half price of cintiq to get your defective product fixed by them they would not help you even if you bought it from Wacom official store"

UP says

"To make this brief, PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM WACOM. I have been a supporter and consumer from them for over a decade and have unfortunately fallen victim to this company like the rest of you. In my story, I had recently bought a Cintiq22 pen display ($1200) and was in love. The product works beautifully ... until it doesn't. My new pen nib suddenly went bad and within the span of just 1-2 days gave my screen really bad scratches. Now, I'm the type of artist whom keeps their craft room in immaculate shape. No clutter and always clean - this especially goes with keeping my tablet constantly oil and dust free (and changing nibs when I need to). However, as an artist, you've got deadlines. Sometimes it takes a day or two to notice a bad nib (especially when you're drawing and you don't notice a difference in pen quality). Suffice to say, after a day or two when I noticed these horrible scratches, I immediately stopped drawing and contacted Wacom support. This is where things get juicy. After sending in a full description of the problem (which was met with deaf ears), along with many pictures, Wacom replies to me saying that it's either one of two things - either it's my fault for not taking proper care of the equipment or that it's just normal wear-and-tear. I swear they never even read my problem in the first place... First of all, this product is NEW. It was only made about a year ago, I purchased it within 8 months, and have only been using it for about 2. There's NO time for normal wear-and-tear. That's for a tablet that's years old - NOT ONE THAT'S STILL WITHIN IT'S ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Secondly, this products legit, Wacom description on their webpage states that the Cintiq22 is "scratch resistant" and "made with high quality, durable equipment". Complete and utter BS. A faulty pen nib (of only 1-2 days) shouldn't destroy the surface of a "high quality and scratch resistant" surface, especially one that's always properly taken care of (AND DID I MENTION IS SUPER NEW?!). Wacom straight up lies in their descriptions. Don't trust them. At the end of the day I'm still counting my blessings as I can at least still draw on my tablet. When turned on and drawing you can't see the scratches (thankfully) but can definitely see them when it's turned off. I just feel bad for the rest of you whom have problems with your device to where you can't even use it anymore. My heart goes out to you. I just wish Wacom had even an ounce of integrity with problems that are clearly their fault. They just straight up don't care about you and would rather just take your money for faulty products. Don't let famous artist who show off "the latest review of this or that product". These reviews are NOT straight from the heart - they are paid for. Wacom is great with marketing and shoving their products in your face but, please, don't be fooled by these shiny products. The fact is this - if you buy a Wacom you WILL eventually have a problem and they WILL NOT solve if for you, even if it's entirely their fault. (( I would like to make note for the few instances where they DO recognize a fault -- aka, can't BS their way out of it -- still make you pay for shipping and all that jazz. )) There are other tablet companies out there that care way more about their customers and still have great, if not greater, products. Please don't use Wacom!"

Ryan says

"I placed my order on 26th November, under the impression that it would be shipped that day on the few days following it. I spoke to someone on Live Chat on 30th November who said it would be dispatched on 1st December. That day came and went. I emailed the support email on 3rd December regarding my order and was told it had been escalated to the eStore, but no follow up. I saw on the FAQ section that it takes a maximum of 4 working days for orders to be dispatched. Today (4th December), I contacted the Live Chat again. First the rep told me there was a problem with payment, but I told her I had received my order confirmation a week ago and the money was out of my account. She told me she would have to escalate my case to someone else and that I would hear back after the weekend. I asked how to apply for a refund, and she told me to phone to ask for a refund. So phone I did. I was told that nobody knew why my order hadn't been shipped, nor could they tell me WHEN my order will be shipped. I asked how to get a refund, and they told me that even though the order is still "in review" and hasn't been shipped, they would need to send out my order and have me return it for a refund? It's already with them, why would I need to return it for a refund?! The man on the phone said he would escalate my case (again) and I should hear back today or tomorrow, but that's not likely. I'm a university study who has blown £360 of my wage on something that doesn't look like it would ever get to me. If I don't have an answer by Thursday (a whopping two weeks after placing my order) I will be filing a claim with my card provider, getting my money back, and going to a better company. Customer service team are trying their best but nobody seems to know anything, there's no communication between departments at all. I work in customer service at a much smaller company where everyone works hard to make sure orders are dispatched within 24 hours and that customers have an open line of communication - our company as 11,000+ reviews on Trustpilot (overall rating of 4.8), it's not surprising given my experience that Wacom's rating is just 2.0. If Wacom sees this (I doubt, as they don't respond to Trustpilot reviews), my order is UK0838025. I'd apprecaite some actual information."

Nabil says

"By far Wacom has the worst customer service I ever had, literally no solution what so ever. Every time I give a solution I get “oh no we can’t, sorry, the system not letting us, we don’t ship” . They are very very limited. They can’t reach the shipping department, I had to wait couple days day for the manager to show up to finally says oh sorry we can’t. My item got off of stock while waiting. I end up buying it from Wacom official eBay store. They can’t reach that either. I tried very hard to have my item ship to my APO address through UPS sure where the website literally state that it possible. The guy from eBay says oh no since u bought it from eBay we can’t do nothing. Me as a customer I should not go through this. I called 100 times with no solution. This is a bad business."

Alex says

"Absolutely ridiculous customer service. I bought Intuos, which was meant to have 3 software included. After 2 months, WACOM is refusing to give me the access, giving all sorts of reasons, which are completely invalid. After I responded to them, demonstrating that their argument doesn't make any sense, their response is: it is not possible. They changed the terms after my purchase date, limiting the software access."

MR says

"Got a Cintiq27. Black screen issue. Been waiting for their support to call back, It was supposed to be 24 to 48 hrs wait, likely covid has cut down their phone lines too! Anyway, the issue: black screen on a 2.5k product, common issue with their tablets; the company has never fixed them (servicing money milking cow?) and based on other websites they keep charging you something less than 1k to repair. If I did the same with my activity I would be out of business in 2 days! Oh, btw: do not even try to criticize them on social media or they'll block you right away. Oversensitive about your weakness?"

lauren says

"Wacoms are really great till they stop working, then you might as well have poured hundreds of pounds down the drain. I have spent nearly four months on wacom Live chats trying to fix my wacom. It has cost me hundred of pounds in work, hundred of pounds in unworked hours running over and over the same troubleshooting with different people and then getting cut off and having to go through the whole process over and over. They eventually concluded it was probably the lead so I got sent a new one. This didn't work and so the whole process begins again, collecting evidence, repeating the troubleshooting processes over and over. The final straw is the very cocky David P today who I refused to repeat myself to after talking to a previous troubleshooting person for 2.5 hours. David P was sarcastic, unhelpful and straight up trying to wind me up by making me repeat myself instead of readying the previous thread. He concluded that he would open a case for me to return the wacom for fixing (to Germany from the UK) and if it's found to not be faulty I have to pay for everything. That's all good if you're in the same country but I'm paying the penalty for this big company not having repair options for their products when they go wrong. The very helpful David P has also decided not to put the request though and instead I've received a generic email saying to get in contact should there be any further problems. So I will probably be on another chat tomorrow, repeating myself again. There is literally nothing I can do. I have been chasing my tail, going over the same thing for 3.5 months and the product is within warranty. How do companies get away with this behaviour nowadays? This product cost over £600 and I've had to borrow money to buy a new one in the meantime. I'm literally not giving up though, this company should be utterly ashamed of themselves"

Gina says

"We had some connectivity and display issues, only to learn that an item we had been shipped by Wacom after purchasing brand new from their online store is, in fact, defective. They tried to have us return it at our expense first, before we could receive our replacement. After making a case against this, they promised for two months to send the replacement at their own expense. We have received nothing in those two months, and there is no communication with or from Wacom regarding this. My advice is to support a rival company and give Wacom some proper competition. They clearly overvalue themselves and take their customers for granted."

Jacinta Rogers says

"I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro M yesterday and everything was great, it set up fine and let me adjust the mapping. Fast forward 40mins into trying to get used to the product, I go to adjust the mapping again (this being the second time I had gone into it), a preference error comes up stating "there was an error in Wacom tablet preferences. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times with no fix, I have found out after deep searching the web that the Wacom software cannot keep up with apple software, therefore, it cannot link with my brand new MacBook pro fully. I cannot do my job without being able to adjust the mapping from where it is. Wacom customer service is hopeless and just blame a virus driver... let me repeat this is a BRAND NEW MacBook. Not very happy that I need to return it the day after purchase!! and I will NOT be repurchasing a Wacom product until they can get their crap together, which may be never at this rate."

Amar Patel says

"I purchased a Wacom Cintiq 16. Although I am thoroughly enjoying using the product, the issue I have is that the two stands on the back of the product that holds it up keep buckling - particularly on the left hand size which becomes very frustrating whilst drawing. Here and there, if I don't have my hands on the back it buckles and collapses on my desk, scratching the desk and probably not doing the pen tablet any good. Not what you would expect for such as expensive product."

stray warden says

"F//ck wacom. $200 purchase didn't end up doing jack sh/t for me. No support WHATSOEVER. Not worried though, companies like this take care of themselves in the long run. Scumbags."

Aljosa Cebokli says

"I've used Wacom products for over a decade now and have always been very happy with them. Recently I purchased a windows ink bamboo stylus (50 quid) from Amazon and it died a couple of days ago for no apparent reason. I contacted their customer service regarding warranty and they were helpful and sorted a replacement to be sent. I was then given the address to where I should send the pen. It appears that the closest repair center is in GERMANY. Almost 10 quid for postage, which I had to organize myself, the right thing to do would be for Wacom to organize the delivery service to take the old product back - at their expense! I didn't break the damn thing, it stopped working because it shouldn't have passed quality control in the first place! When I'm paying a brand premium I expect a premium service (think Apple).This is clearly not it, specially considering that the UK is most likely one of their largest markets being a creative services hub. Offloading logistics and distribution costs at the expense of customers while charging premium is a no-go. I will be seriously looking at competition next time I'm shopping for similar devices."

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